J.W. Car Care

The Company was founded in Toronto in 1986 by Joseph Wilson, who expanded the business across Canada and the US.

J.W. Car Care has built and operated car cleaning and detailing facilities for a large share of North America’s top property owners, including Cadillac Fairview, Brookfield, Wholefoods, Oxford (Yorkdale), Toronto Parking Authority, Bloomingdale’s, Holt Renfrew, Simon Malls, Riocan,

Pearson International Airport, Ivanhoe Cambridge, Impark, O&Y, and Loblaws.

In 2018, to scale the capacity of the car cleaning and detailing operation, Joseph worked with his engineers and developers to invent and launch a revolutionary new car cleaning system:

The technology now allows a J.W. Car Care Shop with only 4 to 6 parking spaces, to clean up to 300 cars a day, while surpassing the highest detailing standards. The Team also developed an app to allow car owners to seamlessly book and pay for a car wash from their phones.

Our Mission

J.W. Car Care’s mission statement is to provide each and every client with top quality car cleaning and detailing services, and with an exclusive experience. 


Our Services

JW Car Care offers a comprehensive range of car cleaning and detailing services, giving your car all the care and long term protection it deserves.

The Company’s success is based on offering guaranteed high quality workmanship, convenience, reliability and personnalized service to every customer, every time.


Prices vary based on size and condition of Vehicle. All prices listed are for cars in average condition. Exact pricing is provided at the location prior to work commencing.

  • Exterior Hand Wash: $18.00

  • Exterior Hand Wash and Interior Cleaning: $29.00

  • Exterior Hand Wash, Interior Cleaning and Shampoo: $89.00

  • Leather cleaning and conditioning: $65




Have your car fully cleaned (interior and exterior) polished (to thoroughly clean and shine the paint), waxed and protected against all weather conditions, as well as against scratching, salt, rust, oxidization, acid rain, fading, UV rays, tree sap etc.




For luxury automobiles which deserve more attention, we recommend this full detailing service, which covers every square inch of your car. The paint is lightly buffed with a finishing compound to remove all scratches and imperfections, then cleaned and polished to restore its original shine, and finally waxed with 100% carnauba wax for long-term protection. The wheels are detailed, the leather conditioned, the carpets shampooed and steam-cleaned.

Parking spaces allocated

Car wash design


Property Owners

How do Property owners benefit from JW Car Care?


JW Car Care provides its Landlords with the following: 


  • An exclusive and convenient service that allows their patrons to have their cars cleaned “while they shop or work”. 


  • Significant rental income.


  • JW Car Care attracts high end, sophisticated  customers to the property. These clients value their time, and appreciate the convenience of having their car cleaned while they shop or work.


  • Capital investment. JW Car Care invests in the property by building a first class valet service, and car cleaning and detailing facility.


  • JW Car Care  converts parking spaces  into a beautifully designed and income generating service for the property, without losing any spaces, as the spaces are still being used to park cars.

  • Integrated Valet Service. With JW Car Care, customers  no longer have to worry about looking for a parking spot, and simply pull up in front of the entrance. JW Car Care enhances the parking facility’s access, safety, convenience, prestige, and service levels. 


  • A first class operation: JW Car Care provides top quality management and employees. It also uses the best cleaning products (all fully biodegradable), advertising agencies (wattisretail.com), trades, and software systems to offer seamless service.



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