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JW Car Care offers a comprehensive range of car cleaning and detailing services, giving your car all the care and long term protection it deserves. The Company’s success is based on offering guaranteed high quality workmanship, convenience, reliability and personalized service to every customer, every time.

Prices vary based on size and condition of Vehicle. All prices listed are for cars in average condition. Prices will increase for mid-full size SUVs and minivans. Exact pricing is provided prior to work commencing.

Exterior Hand Wash                                                                                                     From $35

Complete exterior wash done by hand: Pre-rinse, soak, wash (with pH neutral soap), rinse and dry body of vehicle, bumpers, grills and wheel wells. Clean and dry door jambs, truck jambs and side mirrors. Clean and shine windows and rims. Finish off with application of tire shine.

Interior Cleaning & Exterior Hand Wash                                                                      From $53

Exterior hand wash plus interior done by hand: Rubber mats washed, complete interior vacuum, entire interior dusted and wiped down including cup holder, air vents, side pockets, dashboard, console, doors, panels and seats. Windows finished with a streak free shine.

Exterior Hand Wash, Interior Cleaning & Shampoo                                                  From $150

Interior cleaning and exterior hand wash plus shampoo of carpets, mats and seats, removal of salt, soil and most stains. Leather surfaces cleaned and conditioned.

Wax Package 1 (Winter Insulator)                                                                               From $95

Exterior hand wash plus 1 step wet wax

Wax Package 2                                                                                                         From $175

Exterior hand wash plus 2 step polish and wax

Wax Package 3                                                                                                          From $225

Exterior hand wash plus and 3 step buff, polish and wax

Gold Service                                                                                                              From $325

For luxury automobiles which deserve more attention, we recommend this full detailing service, which covers every square inch of your car. The paint is lightly buffed with a finishing compound to remove all scratches and imperfections, then cleaned and polished to restore its original shine, and finally waxed with 100% carnauba wax for long-term protection. The wheels are detailed, the leather conditioned, the carpets shampooed and steam-cleaned.


For client service or property owners wanting to work with J.W. Car Care,

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