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How do Property Owners benefit from JW Car Care?


JW Car Care provides its Landlords with the following: 


       An exclusive and convenient service that allows their patrons to have their cars cleaned             “while they shop or work”. 

       Significant rental income.

       JW Car Care attracts high end, sophisticated  customers to the property. These clients               value their time, and appreciate the convenience of having their car cleaned while they               shop or work.

       Capital investment. JW Car Care invests in the property by building a first class valet                   service, and car cleaning and detailing facility.

       JW Car Care  converts parking spaces  into a beautifully designed and income generating         service for the property, without losing any spaces, as the spaces are still being used to             park cars.

       Integrated Valet Service. With JW Car Care, customers  no longer have to worry about                 looking for a parking spot, and simply pull up in front of the entrance. JW Car Care                     enhances the parking facility’s access, safety, convenience, prestige, and service levels. 

       A first class operation: JW Car Care provides top quality management and employees.

       It also uses the best cleaning products (all fully biodegradable), advertising agencies 

       (, trades, and software systems to offer seamless service.

To work with J.W. Car Care, please

contact Joseph Wilson at:

+1 (416) 305-8004

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